Free Financial Calculators

Whenever I see the word “free” I am immediately skeptical. Free usually means I must pay with personal data. My name and email address, sometimes a phone number so the provider of the free item can add me to their prospect list and try to sell me the full version of whatever they gave me for free. The internet is full of free stuff that fails to live up to the promises made. It assaults your senses with pop-up ads and clogs your inbox with products and services you don’t need or want.

But every once in awhile you find something free that does what it claims to, collects no personal information, and contains no ads. The organization giving it away wants nothing in return other than the goodwill created by making someone’s life a little better. A genuinely free resource.

This is what Nest Wealth has done with the 12 financial calculators that are part of RazorPlan financial planning software. With no strings attached, no hidden fees and no advertisements, any financial advisor can use them to add more value to more clients in less time using the following 7 strategies.

Click here to add the RazorPlan calculators to your website.

7 strategies to grow your business using financial calculators:

  1. Create a page on your website and add a menu called “Calculators” and list any that compliment your business.
  2. Invite your centers-of-influence to use and share your calculator webpage with their clients.
  3. Add a message to the footer of your email such as “RRSP or TFSA, click here to find out which is best for you”, and change it up each month with a different message and calculator.
  4. Write an article or blog post that features one of the calculators and provide a link so the reader can enter their own situation.
  5. Add a link to your Calculator webpage on the home screen of your phone so you can use them to answer basic questions quickly when meeting with a client.
  6. Repost an article and add comments and a link to a calculator on your website that answers the question that is the subject of the article.
  7. Create seasonal messages on your social media accounts that leverage the different calculators to support the content of your post.

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