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RazorPlan Financial Planning Software

RazorPlan is the leading comprehensive financial planning software program in Canada for independent financial advisors. Now I am not saying that because I was one of the founders of RazorPlan in 2012 or that I am the lead designer of the business logic, or because I have an equity stake in Nest Wealth the owner of RazorPlan. I say it because it is true.

RazorPlan’s DNA is all about creating value for the client, by making the complex simple. If you are a financial advisor that advises on personal and/or corporate financial strategies and want to add more value to more clients in less time, you need to check out RazorPlan.

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Nest Wealth Asset Management

Nest Wealth Asset Management is the company I first contacted in 2019 to discuss the benefits of adding financial planning to asset management. Six months later, Nest Wealth purchased RazorPlan, and I became a shareholder and the Head of Research, a position I hold today.

Nest Wealth Plus is their digital wealth solution that provides your clients access to low-cost customized ETF portfolios with a paperless digital onboarding process. With annual fees of 0.35% capped at $150/month, it means the more your clients invest the more they save, creating a wealthier future for your clients and you.

Advisors using Nest Wealth Plus can also get access to RazorPlan. If you are a financial advisor that wants to add more value to more clients in less time, you need to check out Nest Wealth Plus.

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SideDrawer is a web and mobile based platform offering professionals, businesses, and individual users a simple and secure document management solution. I have been using SideDrawer personally since learning about it in the fall for 2021. I use it to manage and store all my personal and corporate documents, share information when needed and should I ever become incapacitated, my wife and children will find everything they need to manage my finances in one easy to access place.

If you are a financial advisor looking for a value-added service to help your clients protect, share, and organize all the work you do for them, you need to check out SideDrawer.

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Customplan Financial Advisors

Over my 40 plus year career as a financial advisor, I have been associated with several managing general agencies. Last year I made the decision to move my insurance book to Customplan Financial Advisors, an award-winning MGA, recognized by the industry for providing education, training, expertise and technology. Although I have known many of the leadership team at Customplan for many years, I was blown away by their commitment to the success of their advisors and the support they provide.

If you are a financial advisor looking for a firm that places planning and advice ahead of product and sales, you need to check out Customplan.

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