RazorPlan: Retirement “Accumulation” Planning

This session will focus on accumulation planning and how to use the “Cash Flow Allocation” feature to add greater value. You will also learn how easy it is to illustrate the “Retirement Risk Zone” using both historical and random rates of return. Dave will also show you how to use the retirement analysis to find additional premium dollars to fund your client’s life insurance needs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Housekeeping items
  2. Razor Academy – Young Family
  3. Goal Based Planning
    • Client Data
    • Cashflow Chart
    • Retirement Options
  4. Cash Flow Planning
    • Priority Allocation
    • Percentage Allocation
    • Allocate Excess to Lifestyle
  5. Rate of Return Assumptions
    • Sequence of Return Risk
    • Random ROI
    • Impact of Fees
    • Adding Historical Indexes
  6. Reporting
    • Full Report
    • Retirement Number
    • Focused Planning

Resources For This Session

Dec 14 – 15 session recording – Click here
Client Questionnaires (PDF) – Click here
FP Canada 2022 Assumptions Guidelines – Click here
FP Canada 2022 Assumptions Calculator – Click here