RazorPlan: Personal Life Insurance

This session will focus on how to incorporate life insurance in your analysis, using both “Concepts” and “Integrated Needs Analysis” to add greater value when recommending insurance solutions. Dave will also show you a better way to illustrate the “Estate Bond” strategy that takes less time and results in larger premium.

Learning Objectives

  1. Housekeeping items
  2. Permanent Life Insurance
    • Death Benefit Only
    • Import Data
    • Simulation
    • Manual Entry
  3. Estate Bond Concept (Par as an Asset)
    • What do You Look For?
      • Estate Bond Checklist
    • Estimating Premium
      • What-If Data method
      • Excess Capital Method
  4. Focused Planning Reports
    • Estate
    • Retirement
  5. Open Q&A

Resources For This Session