RazorPlan: Corporate Life Insurance

This session will focus on how to evaluate corporate life insurance needs using an “Integrated Needs Analysis” that includes advanced estate tax calculations for both “Loss-Carry-Back” and “Pipeline Planning”. Dave will also show you how easy it is to add a Corporate IRP Strategy using a simple insurance illustration exported from any insurance company software.

Learning Objectives

  1. Housekeeping items
  2. Razor Academy – Retired Business Owner
  3. Post-Mortem Planning
    • Capital Gains
    • Double Taxation
    • Loss Carry-Back
    • Pipeline Planning
  4. Corporate Retirement Strategy (Sunlife concept)
  5. Corporate IRP Concept using RazorPlan
    • Personal Loans
    • Corporate Loans
  6. Corporate IRP Integrated Analysis using RazorPlan

Resources For This Session